Monday, August 9, 2010

DJ Gardnsound

I must say, I have a plethora of talented friends. DJ Gardnsound (Gardner Beson) has been one of my good buds since high school. We've both been able to watch each others musical interests grow and change through time so it was very cool to sit down and listen to his album. This will not be a Biased review, I'm going to try to keep it like Fox and be fair and balanced hehe... You can usually find DJ Gardnsound djing all around Columbia once the weekend hits, and if you heard him you know he has skills. If you thought you heard bangin music on the dance floor then get this album! True creativity is shown!

When I first put this cd in I though I was going to hear alot of "oonce--sss oonce-sss". You know what I mean. Getting away from using traditional techno sounds that are just full of claps, synth, and bass on each song DJ Gardnsound has found his own sound. DJ Gardnsound has a very good sense of rhythm and it's shown in his work. "Triple A's" definitely shows his classical background. The album starts out with an erie piano line that is then layered with "random" percussion. It seems each percussion instrument has its own rhythmic line. Then the synth brass kicks in, then BOOM the beat drops. That description made me feel like Saleris in Amadeus. HAHA...? I really do like the use of the piano in this album though. One of my favorites "A Minor" has another great piano line that is eventually sprinkled with a beat that'll make heads bob everywhere. When the beats not on top of a piano line its over an ambient-like or creative rhythmic line. "Oblivious" is a perfect example of this. After listening to this album I'd say my favorites are "Triple A's", "Reggaetech", and "Echosphere".

There's only one thing I would've liked to hear in this album. True it is an instrumental album, but it would've been nice to hear some vocals on some of these tracks. I could definitely see a female singer on "Echosphere". It's an upbeat song that Gardner probably goes nuts mixing in a club or bar. A big factor I loved and is helping me now in my work is his use of tempo. It really does set all of his songs apart. Each song doesn't sound like the techno that'll give you a heart attack. Alot of his tracks have chill "musical momentum". He does have really upbeat songs like "Ish" which is a song that will make you not able to sit still. Even now I'm dancing around in my room! To be honest I can't really pin the phrase "DJ Garndsound's music sounds like..." because it really is unique. But hey, I'm not an avid techno listener so who knows. I would love to see a combination of DJ Gardnsound and Calculations Of... I think that would be to much for people to handle. A-! I can see myself listening to this on a regular basis. Check out DJ Gardnsound's stuff on Itunes,, or at
-Calvin Dugan (Calculations Of...)