Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Calculations Of...

It's been a while since I've written one of these. This time I will be writing about my music. I'm not vain or anything I'm just going to answer a lot of unanswered questions. I started this hip hop/electronica project called "Calculations Of...". I have been experimenting with different programs to create music. The whole idea of making electronic music first appeared to me as a joke. I started getting used to the program I was using and made simple beats that spanned across a measure or two. Being a lover of hip hop and rap (believe it or not), I decided to want to make a rap song. I worked at it for a couple days and finally finished it.
The first song I made is called "The Arrival" you can listen to it on a widget on the right side of this page. It kind of sounds like if Atari went gangster. After having this completed track I immediately became addicted to making "beats" and what not. See you know I have it bad because I'm making one right now and writing this at the same time.

So one after the other I started crapping out beats. I let a good friend listen to them (Daniel D!) and he told me they were actually pretty good. He also said he knows people that are in need of some good hip hop beats. Music production was something that I was always interested in so I decided to run with it. The beats that I was making became a little more elaborate one after the other. I made a "mixtape" which is basically a couple of instrumental hip hop beats. I haven't fully organized it but the name of the mixtape is called, "The Arrival" and has at least 12 songs on there. Hopefully when I get back to Charleston I will be working with a friend I knew since kindergarten that raps and another that plays violin. I also have some friends at USC-Columbia that are wanting to work with me. I will send them some beats and they will rap over them and visa versa. That's what is going on with my hip hop music and other beats.

Right now I am working on a solo project called "Calculations Of...:The Robot Invasion". I am trying to all my friends that are artists to send me sketches of robots. The whole premise of this project was for me to explore all my options on Fruity loops and to release an album with a story. The album will be released online of course and will also be released with all the sketches my friends send. The story behind the album is that robots come to earth and try to adapt and live among us. That doesn't work out and we eventually fight. Stay tuned it will be finished very soon...and keep reading this blog I have been recommended alot of really great artists this summer!