Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Muse: The Resistance

I love writing about bands that I love. I was introduced to Muse 3 or 4 years ago from a friend (Tommy Miserendino and of course Ivan Martinez hyped them up) and I was sold. Yea that's right I was listening to Origin of Symmetry before you were nodding your head to the stuff that's on the Twilight Movies. Yes. That does make me cooler. I am a bigger fan of their older albums but I have to give credit where it's due. Their most recent album "The Resistance" is damn good.

When I first heard a couple of songs on this album I was on the fence big time. Then Tommy Miserendino, a die hard Muse fan, told me this, "...I mean its not even a matter of if it(the album) sucks it's an evolution album for the band. They aren't the same band." He is sooo right. Their older sound was more band oriented. Most songs were bass driven, had guitar solos with crazy effects, and drum beats that'll make your heart beat faster. Now there are sustained synth lines, and remnants of a band are hard to hear at times.

All the songs on this album are good in my opinion. In "I Belong To You" There is a clarinet solo. Really?!?! My three favorite on this album have to be "Uprising", "Undisclosed Desires", and the three movements of their "Exogenesis Symphony". "Uprising" one of their first singles has a fat bass line with big leaps that just sounds awesome. This song still sounds like Muse still with the traditional set up of guitar, bass, drums and vocals. "Undisclosed Desires" is more of a taste of Muse's new sound. More electronic sounding and effects on the voice. The Symphony is just ridiculous. Too awesome for words. I just hope that if they perform it live someday it is with a real orchestra. Sit down and listen to this album right now. A++!!

-Calvin Dugan (Shout to Tommy Miserendino and Ivan Martinez!)

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