Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Kills: Keep On Your Mean Side

If you are a fan of nasty, dirty, hmmm can't even describe it garage punk please check out this band The Kills. They have to be right now the embodiment of garage punk. I usually write about newer stuff but their album "Keep On Your Mean Side" from 2003 is gold. I have listened to this album at least 4 to 5 times today. I'm listening to it right now as I'm writing this! I guarantee you'll want to jump or just punch something after listening to them.

The Kills is made up of just 2 people. The female singer Alison Mosshart and guitarist Jamie Hince are a perfect combo. Their sound reminds me a lot of what The White Stripes sounded like when they first started out a while ago. Almost every track on their album is a song with a simple rhythmic guitar line, really muddy distortion, and great lyrics. Their song "Pull a U" is pretty how the album sounds. I wish a lot of band's that started on the garage scene went back to this strong core band sound.

As you can probably tell I think this is one of the greatest bands ever. Other songs that are awesome on their album are "Fried my little Brains" and "Cat Claw". No question about it I'm giving this album an A. If you like this album a lot and what to see how their sound changed (for better or worse) check out their other albums "No Wow" and "Midnight Boom". This is a band I probably will be talking to my kids when I'm about 60. Their name is fitting because their music kills!

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