Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Grizzly Bear: Veckatimest

Grizzly Bear has to be one of my newest favorite bands. Yes they have been around for a while but the first time I've heard them was the summer of 2009. I was at a "get together" and was told by 2 people that this was an "awesome " band. So "awesome" that when I informed them I never heard a song by them they flipped out. I then was rushed to the closet car and for the first time I heard Grizzly Bear. They weren't lying. Grizzly Bear is a great band.

Grizzly Bear is a little different compared to the music I usually listen to. A die hard Strokes, Hives, Chili Peppers fan their band sound was completely different. Their dreamlike semi-acoustic sound draws in many listeners. I would say their sound can be categorized as a new psychedelic sound. The music isn't the only unique thing about the band but the videos are also. "Two Weeks" includes heads exploding towards the end and "Ready Able" bizarre clay creatures. This band by all means is no longer "Underground". Grizzly Bear has been praised by artists such as Jay Z, Radiohead, and many others.

"Two weeks", one of their first singles from Veckatimest gained popularity quick and is even featured in a Volkswagen commercial. Driven by a steady piano line it guarantees your foot won't sit still. I'm not going to lie though, after a while this album gets repetitive. After three or four songs in you can expect an acoustic line backed with ambient sounds. You can't forget to add the floaty vocals often layered in two or three parts. This is pretty much true for most of the album and all their singles. Despite the repetitiveness I still like this album and listen to it often. Ehh I'd give it a B-. I think for this band to be even more successful they might need to change their concept of their sound slightly.

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