Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Fall of Troy: In the Unlikely Event

The Fall of Troy has is now officially fallen. I was going through music on my library and decided to listen to then some today. This is music you jam to when you're trying to get ready for the day. I wanted to find some news out on The Fall of Troy seeing if they were working on anything new and found out some shocking truth. After some research (doesn't research make it sound professional?) I found out the band has officially broken up . The Fall of troy was definitely a unique hardcore band.

I got on the Fall of Troy bandwagon when I played there song "F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X." on guitar hero 3. After hearing this song I had to check out their other stuff. Surprisingly this band is pretty good. The Fall of Troy falls under a sub genre of hardcore rock called mathcore. All the genre mathcore is, is hardcore rock but they use more complex rhythms. An example of this is instead of tapping your foot to 4 it often changes to 6, 4, 2, 3.... Alright enough of the music theory babble let's talk the album.

This album is the first and last with their new bassist. Their sound hasn't changed that much compared to their last album. I will say their lead singer Thomas Erak is more comfortable with his natural singing voice. In their past albums it seemed like all he would do was scream. In "Dirty Pillow Talk" he teams up with Rody Walker from Protest the Hero and is more lyrical with his singing. Oh yea that's another great band check it out. Of course the guitar parts are still unpredictable, breakdowns at least twice a song, and Erak still has crazy fast tapping solos that you make you s^%$ your pants. To hear a more traditional sounding Fall of Troy listen to "Straight Jacket Keelhaud". It saddens my heart when I hear of a good band breaking up. B+ because I think "Manipulator", the album before this one was a little better.
-Calvin Dugan

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