Wednesday, June 2, 2010

B. o. B.: The Adventures of Bobby Ray

Next post is by one of my good childhood friends RJ Sudlow. I've never heard of this artist and I told him if he wanted to write about him some to do it. Well He did. Check out this artist he sold me with this article.
-Calvin Dugan

"You got two names: you got B.o.B aka Bobby Ray. I don't know if your name is B.o.B, aka, or Bobby Ray...what are you going to come out with next? Rob?"
-The Biz, May 25th Mixtape

With B.o.B himself acknowledging the difficulty some people have with grasping the idea of having multiple aliases, he decides to simply say his name, B.o.B, stands for Bob. After hitting the scene in 2006 with the single "Cloud 9", B.o.B has taken the spotlight and never turned it off. With the release of "I'll Be in the Sky", B.o.B has taken what was traditional rap soaked in the "same old, same old" and wrung it out, leaving only the bare essentials: hard bass, capturing melodies, and deep lyrics on his new album, "The Adventures of Bobby Ray".

For anyone who hasn't heard of B.o.B's music, imagine it as just that - music. He's not a rapper, he's a musician who takes time and focuses on the finer aspects in the composition of his tracks. After his single "Nothin' on You", it would have been easy for people to dismiss him as a simple one-hit wonder after making a little splash. Next came "Airplanes" featuring Hayley Williams of Paramore to bring in a refreshing chorus that STILL is getting thousands of spins all over the radio. Now people are starting to get interested in this B.o.B guy - only to hear his new single, "Magic" as the next song they hear all day, every day.

What I'm trying to say is this: B.o.B has completely changed the way people are going to look at Hip-Hop. It's no longer about the whole "she said, he said, autotune, baby-back bullshit" - it's all about the music. It's something that catches people by surprise when they listen to his album. It seems so simple to create music that feels good, but it's proven hard lately for some reason. B.o.B has an amazing knack for singing his own hooks, and for creating some amazing lyrics. With tracks like "Don't Let Me Fall", "Airplanes", "Ghost in The Machine", "The Kids", and "Magic", this album will have to go down as one of the best albums of all time. End of story. One year from now when the music executives has squeezed every last dollar from him they can, we can then look back and say, "Damn, that was good." Even his mixtapes have the quality of a studio album - look up "Don't Break my Heart" or "Not Lost" if you doubt me.

The thing about this album is that you can listen to it in any sitting - there's more musical influences on this album than I even care to list. I can't tell you how this music makes me feel because that's a journey that you're going to have to take for yourself. Buy this album please; I'm not an anti-torrent Nazi, but I love supporting artists that deserve it. And B.o.B is definitely one of those artists.
-RJ Sudlow

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