Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lil Wayne: No Ceilings

AAh lil Wayne! So much can be said about the Young Money rapper/mogul, but one thing for sure is that his mixtape "No Ceilings" speaks for itself. While most artists focus on the commercialization of their music for just the mainstream masses, Lil Wayne seeks more. No Ceilings is the latest installment of underground material the rapper has put out. As I listened, 2 tracks stood out to me, "Wasted" (remix of Gucci Mane's song) and Sweet Dreams ( yes Beyonce). Lyrics, style, and delivery are taken to another level on Wasted, while Sweet Dreams shows his confidence on a song that most rappers would consider a shame to even listen to. Lil Wayne shows that he is versatile and that any beat sent his way will be given proper justice. Beyond his mainstream success with Young Money, his most recent album Rebirth, and other ventures, he still proves with his mixtape "No Ceilings" why his career doesn't have any (ceilings).
-Violinist Daniel D

I myself agree with the Violinist Daniel D! Lil Wayne's "No Ceilings" mixtape, in ways is bigger than some of his albums. All songs on the album will make your head slowly bob. "No Ceilings" starts off with "Swag Surf". Lil Wayne uses clever word play such as, "I swear I be the sickest n*&%), you can ask the nurse And if you throw it in the bag, I bet I'll snatch her purse". The whole album is full of this. All the beats he uses from other artists compliment his flow and nothing feels "akward" or unsettling. What also is cool about this album there are original remixes on this album. Gucci Mane's "Wasted" and Omarion's "I get it in" are among these. I give this album a solid A. You don't even have to like rap to listen to it. Now if we're talking his rock album "Rebirth" that's a whole different story...
-Calvin Dugan


  1. while i do appreciate you doing a review on no prolly should have done this a LONG time ago hahaha. and if you like this, check out chamillionaires mixtape messiah 7 - shit is RIDICULOUS

  2. I love the no ceilings mixtape.It's kind of played out to me because I was listening to it last summer...lmao but good review.