Friday, May 28, 2010

Lady Gaga: The Fame Monster

OOOOOOOOO CAUGHT IN A BAD ROMANCE! Well many of you are thinking right now, "Calvin what is wrong with you. ". Most people reading this might know this artist is not just a left field pick for me but what I call a parking lot pick. So like many I heard of Lady Gaga, didn't really listen to her music, and just wrote her off.
Well folks here's the deal. Many people like Gaga because her music is just so catchy. You're probably thinking, "Does this dude like Gaga?". Well to answer that you won't see me driving through your hood blasting Gaga. BUT! This lady can sing. She even received formal training from NYU singing for 2 years! If you don't believe me look up on youtube a video of Elton John and her playing together. Two grands and strictly acoustic. I saw this when it aired on T.V. and was shocked. I had to look her up.

O.k. singing talent... CHECK. Album... surprisingly good...If you get into mainstream pop music. Most of Gaga's songs are heavily synth driven and have very catchy lyrics. You can't lie, you've turned on the T.V., heard a Gaga song and it was stuck in your head for about 30 minutes later. Her music is also good to dance too (if you're into that :) ).

The Singles from Fame Monster are hits. "Bad Romance", "Telephone", and "Poker Face" are pretty good. Lets get off the singles. When you listen to an album you have to listen to it critically and in its entirely. "Speechless" starts off with a Queen-esque intro. She plays piano on this song and is backed with "orchestra" (probably a synth line womp womp). I love this song actually. It's good. I admitted I liked a Gaga song. Is the Armageddon here?

Her album is kind of random. You guys probably didn't know she has a song with Flo-rida. It sounds like Gaga is trying to go R&B. It's called "Starstruck" look it up. Another song that doesn't sound like you're typical Gaga sound is "Paper Gangsta". She raps and uses a little auto-tune. The beat is very piano driven. I know right! Check that one out to. The jist of it is I give this album a B+. A B+ because she gets really creative and also I just can't listen to every song. If and only you are curious check out this album. And to the "Gaga Monsters"...... uhh yea.

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  1. I like her:D, Shes really unique.Starstruck is one of those songs that stay stuck in my head.She can sing, And her songs are kind of wild.