Sunday, May 30, 2010

Justin Bieber: My World 2.0

What's Up! I am currently drinking an iced coffee. Folgers. Vanilla Biscotti. Yes it's very good. I'm sorry I can't say I have the same feelings for Justin Bieber though. What is with this Bieber Phenomenom?!?! Where did this kid come from. So far he has captured pretty much every heart of teenage girls all across the country... no world! I usually give my rating of albums at the end of the article but I'll tell you right now. C+.

You can tell there was time in the the production of the beats that he is singing. He has producers and writers like The Dream, Christina Millian, and many others helping him on this album. The beats on this album are good! If I was an R&B singer I'd be on top of the world . The lyrics aren't bad either. But!.. it's such a waste! This kid does not know the gold he has. Right now it probably sounds like I'm a hater. Well I am. Here's why...

My Issue with Bieber is he is far to young. Really?!?! What does kid know about love, romance, and other matters us "grown folk" worry about. He is a 16 year old singing subject matter he is to young to grasp. Here is a line from his song "Runaway Love". "I’d give it all up for us never be enough I won’t stop until I find my runaway love." He is merely just singing lyrics someone told him to sing and there has to be a disconnect between him and the music. In interviews and such he seems well involved and truly has a love for music, but HE NEEDS TO MATURE A LOT MORE. His voice seems strong enough for a 16 year old, but I'd love to hear this album redone with a 21 year old Beiber. His slightly mature R&B chipmunk-esque voice becomes redundant on this album.

Another issue I have is how fast he came up. Justin Bieber is a child star that had amazing promotion! I mean this kid had freaking Usher behind him and even has rappers like Ludacris on his tracks. That my friends is Ludicrous! He was prostituted for his "talent" and now has an attitude on him. Recently there was an incident of him mouthing off to workers on set saying, "Don't F*#%&%#$ touch me!". Justin please show some humbleness. Child stars come and go. I am waiting for a special on VH1 or a true Hollywood story on how, "Justin Bieber went downhill after his 6th album flopped." or "Justin Bieber checks in drug rehab for the fifth time."
-Calvin Dugan

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  1. Ahhh okay I was trying to see where you wore getting at with his age and voice and now I see the problem...its his non-humbleness you have a problem with.Don't forget, Michael Jackson started off even younger and singing stuff like....sings " Don't you know I, Sit around, With my head hanging down....and I wonder.Who's loving you?" At about 9 or 10.... and thats what Barry liked about him but there will never be another MJ and Usher started at about his age and when he was singing "you make me wanna" he was young.Sooo's not his voice nor his's his attitude.When it all boils down to it!