Friday, May 28, 2010

Chrishan the Prince: Night and Day

Well let me tell you. For those knocking the R&B and Hip Hop scene right now...I'm not hating you. I took a long "sabbatical" from it. Last time I listened to rap was when Lil Wayne just started getting big, Ja Rule was still a big name, and KC and Jojo was still still Crazy Crazy Crazy (hehe...). Yea I know. It's been a while.

My friend and fellow musician Violinist Daniel D heard about Chrishan from a friend. He played "U Had it All featuring T. I.". There is a reason why he is called "Chrishan the Prince". This song blew my mind! His voice sounded very lyrical and seems to be in the tenor range. "U Had it All" has a well produced beat, and catchy a hook. So after hearing this I was thinking maybe this is just a fluke or something. This dude isn't signed but he is crazy good. I listened to song after song and BAM. My dude is fire. Turns out he's independent and wants to be like that for a while. His album "Night and Day" has many songs that could very well be mainstream R&B singles. "U Had it All", "Gucci Swag", and "Get Out my Face" are definitely songs that could dominate the radio.

One thing that I admire about Chrishan is he seems to be well in touch with his fans. He has a live video show, Twitter account, Facebook account, and Myspace account. He doesn't just have them he gets on them. For your health, I highly recommend you check out this artist before he comes to your town and blows your mind. Follow his activity and check out his songs on his facebook!/pages/Chrishan/20425827254.

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