Sunday, May 30, 2010

Justin Bieber: My World 2.0

What's Up! I am currently drinking an iced coffee. Folgers. Vanilla Biscotti. Yes it's very good. I'm sorry I can't say I have the same feelings for Justin Bieber though. What is with this Bieber Phenomenom?!?! Where did this kid come from. So far he has captured pretty much every heart of teenage girls all across the country... no world! I usually give my rating of albums at the end of the article but I'll tell you right now. C+.

You can tell there was time in the the production of the beats that he is singing. He has producers and writers like The Dream, Christina Millian, and many others helping him on this album. The beats on this album are good! If I was an R&B singer I'd be on top of the world . The lyrics aren't bad either. But!.. it's such a waste! This kid does not know the gold he has. Right now it probably sounds like I'm a hater. Well I am. Here's why...

My Issue with Bieber is he is far to young. Really?!?! What does kid know about love, romance, and other matters us "grown folk" worry about. He is a 16 year old singing subject matter he is to young to grasp. Here is a line from his song "Runaway Love". "I’d give it all up for us never be enough I won’t stop until I find my runaway love." He is merely just singing lyrics someone told him to sing and there has to be a disconnect between him and the music. In interviews and such he seems well involved and truly has a love for music, but HE NEEDS TO MATURE A LOT MORE. His voice seems strong enough for a 16 year old, but I'd love to hear this album redone with a 21 year old Beiber. His slightly mature R&B chipmunk-esque voice becomes redundant on this album.

Another issue I have is how fast he came up. Justin Bieber is a child star that had amazing promotion! I mean this kid had freaking Usher behind him and even has rappers like Ludacris on his tracks. That my friends is Ludicrous! He was prostituted for his "talent" and now has an attitude on him. Recently there was an incident of him mouthing off to workers on set saying, "Don't F*#%&%#$ touch me!". Justin please show some humbleness. Child stars come and go. I am waiting for a special on VH1 or a true Hollywood story on how, "Justin Bieber went downhill after his 6th album flopped." or "Justin Bieber checks in drug rehab for the fifth time."
-Calvin Dugan

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lil Wayne: No Ceilings

AAh lil Wayne! So much can be said about the Young Money rapper/mogul, but one thing for sure is that his mixtape "No Ceilings" speaks for itself. While most artists focus on the commercialization of their music for just the mainstream masses, Lil Wayne seeks more. No Ceilings is the latest installment of underground material the rapper has put out. As I listened, 2 tracks stood out to me, "Wasted" (remix of Gucci Mane's song) and Sweet Dreams ( yes Beyonce). Lyrics, style, and delivery are taken to another level on Wasted, while Sweet Dreams shows his confidence on a song that most rappers would consider a shame to even listen to. Lil Wayne shows that he is versatile and that any beat sent his way will be given proper justice. Beyond his mainstream success with Young Money, his most recent album Rebirth, and other ventures, he still proves with his mixtape "No Ceilings" why his career doesn't have any (ceilings).
-Violinist Daniel D

I myself agree with the Violinist Daniel D! Lil Wayne's "No Ceilings" mixtape, in ways is bigger than some of his albums. All songs on the album will make your head slowly bob. "No Ceilings" starts off with "Swag Surf". Lil Wayne uses clever word play such as, "I swear I be the sickest n*&%), you can ask the nurse And if you throw it in the bag, I bet I'll snatch her purse". The whole album is full of this. All the beats he uses from other artists compliment his flow and nothing feels "akward" or unsettling. What also is cool about this album there are original remixes on this album. Gucci Mane's "Wasted" and Omarion's "I get it in" are among these. I give this album a solid A. You don't even have to like rap to listen to it. Now if we're talking his rock album "Rebirth" that's a whole different story...
-Calvin Dugan

Friday, May 28, 2010

Lady Gaga: The Fame Monster

OOOOOOOOO CAUGHT IN A BAD ROMANCE! Well many of you are thinking right now, "Calvin what is wrong with you. ". Most people reading this might know this artist is not just a left field pick for me but what I call a parking lot pick. So like many I heard of Lady Gaga, didn't really listen to her music, and just wrote her off.
Well folks here's the deal. Many people like Gaga because her music is just so catchy. You're probably thinking, "Does this dude like Gaga?". Well to answer that you won't see me driving through your hood blasting Gaga. BUT! This lady can sing. She even received formal training from NYU singing for 2 years! If you don't believe me look up on youtube a video of Elton John and her playing together. Two grands and strictly acoustic. I saw this when it aired on T.V. and was shocked. I had to look her up.

O.k. singing talent... CHECK. Album... surprisingly good...If you get into mainstream pop music. Most of Gaga's songs are heavily synth driven and have very catchy lyrics. You can't lie, you've turned on the T.V., heard a Gaga song and it was stuck in your head for about 30 minutes later. Her music is also good to dance too (if you're into that :) ).

The Singles from Fame Monster are hits. "Bad Romance", "Telephone", and "Poker Face" are pretty good. Lets get off the singles. When you listen to an album you have to listen to it critically and in its entirely. "Speechless" starts off with a Queen-esque intro. She plays piano on this song and is backed with "orchestra" (probably a synth line womp womp). I love this song actually. It's good. I admitted I liked a Gaga song. Is the Armageddon here?

Her album is kind of random. You guys probably didn't know she has a song with Flo-rida. It sounds like Gaga is trying to go R&B. It's called "Starstruck" look it up. Another song that doesn't sound like you're typical Gaga sound is "Paper Gangsta". She raps and uses a little auto-tune. The beat is very piano driven. I know right! Check that one out to. The jist of it is I give this album a B+. A B+ because she gets really creative and also I just can't listen to every song. If and only you are curious check out this album. And to the "Gaga Monsters"...... uhh yea.

Lady Gaga's website --->

Chrishan the Prince: Night and Day

Well let me tell you. For those knocking the R&B and Hip Hop scene right now...I'm not hating you. I took a long "sabbatical" from it. Last time I listened to rap was when Lil Wayne just started getting big, Ja Rule was still a big name, and KC and Jojo was still still Crazy Crazy Crazy (hehe...). Yea I know. It's been a while.

My friend and fellow musician Violinist Daniel D heard about Chrishan from a friend. He played "U Had it All featuring T. I.". There is a reason why he is called "Chrishan the Prince". This song blew my mind! His voice sounded very lyrical and seems to be in the tenor range. "U Had it All" has a well produced beat, and catchy a hook. So after hearing this I was thinking maybe this is just a fluke or something. This dude isn't signed but he is crazy good. I listened to song after song and BAM. My dude is fire. Turns out he's independent and wants to be like that for a while. His album "Night and Day" has many songs that could very well be mainstream R&B singles. "U Had it All", "Gucci Swag", and "Get Out my Face" are definitely songs that could dominate the radio.

One thing that I admire about Chrishan is he seems to be well in touch with his fans. He has a live video show, Twitter account, Facebook account, and Myspace account. He doesn't just have them he gets on them. For your health, I highly recommend you check out this artist before he comes to your town and blows your mind. Follow his activity and check out his songs on his facebook!/pages/Chrishan/20425827254.